Cedar walking stick

Georgia cedar makes very nice walking sticks. They are strong, light weight, and the patterns on the wood can be very interesting when stained. I was contacted several months ago with an opportunity to acquire a bit of cedar. There was a conversation about scheduling and where we could meet. A few days passed, I was out and about running errands, upon returning home I noticed a pile of tangled wood in the bed of the Kawasaki mule. I called the contact and he told me he was in the area and dropped it off. It was as if Christmas had come early.. I picked through the pieces and came up with several that I could use.

I ran out of that cedar a while back and had to look for more. I enjoy carving cedar and have been searching through the woods around here for more. Shopping for wood here is a painstaking process... Unless I'm looking for an entire tree to make a hiking or wizard staff I must search all over for just the right piece. I shopped all of my favorite trees and found this piece on an old cedar near the back of the place... When you approach a tree you have to look through it for just the right shape. This one was fairly high up and took some time to get to, but it was worth it. The color and feel of the wood is exquisite... You don't want to harm the growth of the tree or destroy its beauty, so care has to be taken when removing the piece you want to carve.

This walking stick is forty inches in height and features three faces carved in the bends. The last face includes a pipe in the characters mouth. The faces aren't stained, revealing the natural color of the wood... If you are interested in purchasing this walking stick the price is $60, you can contact me at 678-423-6541 or email me at crickhollowcarving@gmail.com

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