The duplicate...

The second in the series of walking sticks from Grandma Smith's magnolia tree is now finished. A customer, Melanie from POPS Landscaping, was looking through an old post of mine and came across a walking stick I had made in 2008 around the time my father passed away.

This is the first walking stick:

Unfortunately, that walking stick sold some time ago. Melanie really wanted it as a gift for her husband, so I decided to do another one. On the older post I had included the size so I took a piece of the magnolia, measured it out and began the project....

Working on this piece took me back to the first one. I started it a week or so before my father passed away. In the weeks that followed his funeral I would look at it and think, "Not just now." That pattern went on for a while. When I finally finished it I didn't feel like selling it. Time went on and a few people made inquiries about it and I finally broke down and sold it to a customer.

I hope Melanie and her husband enjoy the walking stick, and from time to time think about where it came from.

The second completed work:

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